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New Food Tour Company Takes to the Streets and Restaurants

By April Blake
Thursday, September 4, 2014 |
Two Gals and a Fork logo

How do you know that your city is becoming more and more delicious? By the fact that more and more people want to showcase the tastes that lay within in the form of a guided tour, that’s how.

Two Gals and a Fork Food Tours are the latest company to set up themed tours featuring Vista-area restaurants. But they aren’t stopping at just feeding people; they want to make sure that participants leave with a full mind thanks to the fact-filled guides from the company’s partnership with Historic Columbia. Anyone who has ever been on one of Historic Columbia’s happy hour tours will know that both residents and out-of-towners alike will learn something new about the downtown area.

Co-owners Gloria Freedman and Janet Jordan have the fall scheduled with a wide variety of tours including Beer School 101, A Vista Sites & Bites tour, and a Brunch & Munch, and customized tours that they can create with your input. Want to get on board? Check their website. Get your walking shoes on, Columbia (and maybe your stretchy pants too).

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