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Costumes and Booze: Cosplay Night At Red Door Tavern

By David Travis Bland
Friday, August 29, 2014 |
London, UK - October 28, 2012: Cosplayers impersonating Naruto and Harley Quinn pose for photographers at the London Comicon MCM Expo. Most participants dress up in superhero costumes to compete in the Euro Cosplay Championship.

Say you have a thing for dressing up like superheroes, or you dig grooming your hair like crazy animé characters and putting on fantastical video game style outfits. Maybe garb from classic movies like Ghostbusters is your thing.

Into cosplay like that? But you’re not into the tween-scene, kids bop or the strange fandom of local cosplay events like Nashicon or Banzaicon? The trip to Dragoncon would break the bank? What you want to do is don your out of this world threads, be with friends and drink some cheap booze like the Justice League at happy hour.

Cosplay night at the Red Door Tavern in West Columbia is where you’ll want to find yourself. It happens tomorrow, Aug. 30. Get on your outfit and hit the bar with your buddies. They’ll have drink specials and the possibility to win some cash in their costume contest, and you know you need to make some dough after your recent eBay bidding war for that cinematic quality Master Sword replica from Ocarina of Time.

And even though this cosplay event is at a bar there is no age requirement (bring an ID if you want a drink). But take heed! Little Christin who loves Twilight might need to be kept at home. State Street, where Red Door is located in West Columbia is definitely not a boring, Diet Soda City. Things can get real fun, real fast. Pinball, pool, and foosball will take up your time if you’re the designated Batmobile driver.

Admission is free; it’s $5 to enter the costume contest. The action starts at 8 p.m. Find more info at

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