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Columbia Stuffed Wing Truck Gets Own TV Show

Wingmen Follows Truck Owners Corey Simmons and Ramone Dickerson
By Eva Moore
Thursday, July 10, 2014 |

The owners of a Columbia food truck that sells stuffed chicken wings are getting their own TV show.

Wingmen, which follows the ups and downs of the 2 Fat 2 Fly truck and its owners Ramone Dickerson and Corey Simmons, premieres Aug. 16 on the Oprah Network.

Watch a sneak peek of Wingmen here.

The show follows Dickerson and Simmons’ attempts to make money off their innovative wing-stuffing technique in “small town” Columbia. “Cameras will roll as 2 Fat 2 Fly attempts to take the top prize at Hilton Head Island’s annual Wingfest,” reads a press release from the network.

But as you’ll see from the clip, the show is really about Dickerson and Simmons: their friendship, their antics, their challenges.

“Shortcomings aside, I think we can make it if we can just get our crazy in order,” says Simmons in the show teaser.

You may actually have seen the 2 Fat 2 Fly truck on national TV before: In 2011, the Cooking Channel’s Eat Street filmed a few bits in Columbia, spotlighting both the 2 Fat 2 Fly truck and Bone-In Artisan Barbecue. At the 0:27 mark in this teaser from that show, a woman says of Dickerson and Simmons, “They could have their own reality show.” And now they do.

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