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Richland County GOP Straw Poll Shows McMaster, Childs Leading

Informal Poll Shows Incumbents Safe, Establishment Candidates In Lead
By Eva Moore
Friday, May 30, 2014 |

The Richland County GOP held a pizza party Thursday night at which it took a straw poll to see who local Republicans favor in the June 10 primary — and the results are pretty interesting.

There were 156 ballots, though not every person who filled out a ballot voted in all races. Keep in mind that this is an informal poll of a self-selected group of voters. Also, these votes don’t reflect the official position of the Richland County GOP.

Now for the results.

In all the races featuring an incumbent, the incumbent won overwhelming support — including Lindsey Graham, who catches a lot of criticism from some GOP quarters:

US Senate (unexpired term):
Tim Scott- 143 votes
Randall Young- 9 votes

US Senate (expired term):
Lindsey Graham- 93 votes
Bill Connor- 28 votes
Det Bowers- 16 votes
Lee Bright- 7 votes
Richard Cash- 4 votes
Nancy Mace- 4 votes
Benjamin Dunn- 3 votes

2nd Congressional District:
Joe Wilson- 146 votes
Eddie McCain- 10 votes

State Treasurer:
Curtis Loftis- 124 votes
Brian Adams- 25 votes

Commissioner of Agriculture:
Hugh Weathers- 119 votes
Joe Farmer- 29 votes

Adjutant General:
Bob Livingston- 148 votes
James Breazeale- 8 votes

In the lieutenant governor’s race, former Attorney General Henry McMaster has a solid lead over his opponents, though Lowcountry developer and Haley ally Pat McKinney has a sturdy base, too:

Lt. Governor:
Henry McMaster- 70 votes
Pat McKinney- 41 votes
Mike Campbell- 22 votes
Ray Moore- 14 votes

In the race to see which Republican will get clobbered by Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn in the general election, Leon Winn has the lead:

6th Congressional District:
Leon Winn- 71 votes
Anthony Culler- 38 votes

And in the contentious, wide-open race for superintendent of education, the former deputy superintendent — endorsed by current superintendent Mick Zais — has the lead, though not by enough to avoid a runoff:

State Superintendent of Education:
Meka Bosket Childs- 52 votes
Molly Spearman- 37 votes
Sally Atwater- 21 votes
Don Jordan- 15 votes
Sheri Few- 11 votes
Amy Cofield- 8 votes
Elizabeth Moffly- 6 votes
Gary Burgess- 4 votes

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