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Is Goatfeathers Closing?

By Eva Moore
Tuesday, May 27, 2014 |
Olando Patterson tends bar at Goatfeathers. file photo

The news swept social media over the weekend: Goatfeathers is closing.

Or is it?

James Wallace, a bartender at the longtime Five Points bar, broke the news on his Facebook page, writing, “End of an Era stuff goin on; Goatfeathers will not be afloat much longer.”

The business’ last day in operation is Saturday, owner Jeff Helsley tells Free Times. Helsley is retiring — he’s long been planning to move to Hawaii.

But Helsley also says the business isn’t necessarily closing — that he hopes it’ll reopen soon, maybe in a few months.

So, is this Goats’ last week in business, or its “last week in business”? Looks like we’ll have to visit Goats next week — or next month — and see.

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