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S.C. High Court to Take Up House Speaker Ethics Case

Plus, Skateboarding Ban Vote Delayed Again
By Eva Moore
Wednesday, May 21, 2014 |
The S.C. Supreme Court agreed to take up Attorney General Alan Wilson’s appeal of a ruling that said he has no authority to investigate whether House Speaker Bobby Harrell misused campaign funds and leveraged his office for personal gain. The court set a June 24 date for the hearing.

Columbia City Council once again delayed voting on whether to ban skateboarding on Main Street, asking for more information before they make their decision.

Apparently cops are taking that federal ban on bath salts, K2 and other synthetic drugs seriously: The owner of Alibaba's Pipe Emporium has been arrested by the DEA and charged with selling the substances at his stores, according to the U.S. attorney's office.

Columbia city staff proposed an 8 percent water and sewer rate hike Tuesday — and council members quickly rejected it wholesale, The State reports. That's despite the city having recently come to an agreement with the EPA, under threat of legal action, to repair its crumbling water and sewer infrastructure, a $750 million commitment.

There's a good chance S.C. voters will get to decide whether to do away with the state's antiquated system of electing its adjutant general, who commands the state National Guard. The state Senate gave unanimous approval to a bill that would allow voters to decide this November whether to change the state constitution to make the adjutant general an appointed position. Gov. Nikki Haley supports the bill, as does the current adjutant general.

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