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Buses Now Running 7 Days a Week

Plus, Read the Proposed Law Banning Skateboarding on Main Street
By Eva Moore
Monday, May 19, 2014 |
The Midlands' buses are running seven days a week after Sunday serviced resumed yesterday. It's one of several service changes planned for the coming months. Also, Sunday fares will be free until Labor Day, and you can ride the bus for free on Saturdays for the remainder of May.

The City of Columbia rolled out a proposed ordinance that would ban skateboarding on Main Street. City Council will take the first of two votes on the law Tuesday, May 20.

More than 30 people are suing the railroad company CSX over a bridge that collapsed in Berkeley County. The litigants say their commute times have been lengthened.

A political action committee connected to S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell has donated some $13,000 to the Republican members of the House Ethics Committee, The State reports — and that's the body that would review an ethics complaint against Harrell if a judge's recent order stands.

A Charleston furniture store is running web ads riffing on Donald Sterling's racism, Ron Jeremy's sexual prowess and a Marvin Gaye song, the Charleston City Paper reports.

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