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Wooly Mammoth Bill Headed to Haley’s Desk

Plus, Craft Beer Bill Cruising Through General Assembly
By Porter Barron Jr.
Thursday, May 15, 2014 |

Despite objections from anti-evolution legislators, the Senate is sending a bill to Gov. Haley that would make the Columbian Mammoth South Carolina’s state fossil, South Carolina Radio Network reports. Eight-year-old Olivia McConnell of Lake City got a rough lesson in politics earlier this year when her wooly mammoth initiative got sucked into South Carolina’s culture war, but her side looks set to win this skirmish.

A piece of legislation that supporters say would bolster the craft brewing industry in South Carolina sailed through the House Wednesday and goes before the Senate today. It would allow breweries to operate eateries on their premises and lift caps on the number of beers patrons would be allowed to consume. The bill’s backers say they expect it to become law this spring, The Greenville News reports.

Also on the booze beat, the S.C. Senate has passed a ban on powder alcohol, which the bill’s proponents says is too easy to conceal and misuse, and lifted a ban on election day retail alcohol sales, The State reports.

At least one group of politicians has the stones to call Bobby Harrell out publicly. Nine Upstate Tea Party activists running for the S.C. House of Representatives blasted Harrell for alleged public corruption at a press conference Wednesday, saying they’d vote to have him removed as House Speaker if elected, The Greenville News reports.


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