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Bobby Harrell Hedges on His Anti-Charleston Conspiracy Theory

Plus, Grey Lady Rubbing All Up On Jim Gandy
By Porter Barron Jr.
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 |
Having gone on Charleston talk radio Monday and claimed that the public corruption complaints against him are part of a conspiracy to weaken Lowcountry influence at the State House, House Speaker Bobby Harrell is now distancing himself from that far-fetched theory, telling The Post and Courier it’s been pushed not by him but by other Charleston Republicans.

Upstate attorney Tom Ervin, who pulled out of the GOP gubernatorial primary to challenge Nikki Haley as an independent, is galling the hell out of party officials who want him to shed his “independent Republican” label. The State reports SCGOP Chairman Matt Moore saying his staff has contacted party-affiliated organizations to discourage them from hosting the insurgent, and party officials have tarred Ervin as a “closet Democrat.”

Everybody wants a piece of local meteorologist and climate change crusader Jim Gandy. First it's President Barack Obama, now The New York Times is all over his jock.

Speaking of climate change, its effects are getting closer to home, becoming less about drowning polar bears and more about violent storms, damaged crops and coastal erosion, which all come with hefty pricetags. The Greenville News looks at what we can expect here in South Carolina, and it ain’t pretty.

Columbia prosecutors have dropped charges against the Progressive Network’s “Truthful Tuesday” protesters, who were arrested in March for blocking access to the State House parking garage, while calling for South Carolina to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act so poor people can have access to health care.

Chapin Mayor Skip Wilson was set to explain his controversial suspension of the town clerk to council members Tuesday night, but, before he could do so, three of the four council members staged a walk-out, WIS reports. Wilson and the remaining council member carried on without them.

Columbia’s YMCA has entered into a contract to sell its historic Sumter Street building to nearby First Baptist Church, subject to the church’s approval, The State reports.

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