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Sanford Accused of Violating Divorce Agreement Again

Plus, Toll Lanes Coming for I-77 through Charlotte
By Eva Moore
Monday, April 14, 2014 |
Rep. Mark Sanford has been accused by ex-wife Jenny Sanford of once again violating the terms of his divorce agreement, the Post and Courier reported over the weekend. The specific details were redacted by the judge, but a spokesman told the paper it has to do with a “private real estate matter” involving Mark Sanford's family farm.

Travelers beware: The North Carolina Department of Transportation is moving ahead with plans to add toll lanes on I-77 through Charlotte.

Two of three X-ray scanners at Columbia Metropolitan Airport went down this morning, backing up the usually manageable security lines. The airport advised people to allow up to an hour to pass through security. The scanners are now working again.

It's unclear how South Carolina students will be tested next year, The State reports. Schools were on track to adopt math and reading proficiency tests mandated under the national Common Core standards. However, S.C. House lawmakers just voted overwhelmingly to withdraw the state from the Common Core consortium designing those tests, and a similar bill is pending in the Senate. (Radical concept: Why not skip testing for a year and just focus on learning? Nah.)

Molly Spearman leads fundraising in the S.C. Superintendent of Education race. The candidate is executive director of the South Carolina Association of School Administrators.

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