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Senate Ruling Ends Nullification Debate

Plus, 20-Week Abortion Ban Clears S.C. House
By Porter Barron Jr.
Thursday, March 20, 2014 |

Increasingly contorted efforts to nullify Obamacare in South Carolina appear to have been silenced on Wednesday, when Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell issued a procedural ruling that Sen. Tom Davis’ amendment to a House nullification bill broke Senate rules. The Senate then voted down the original House version by 33 to 9. The Post and Courier has the story.

The race for lieutenant governor is gaining candidates since the office’s current occupant Glenn McConnell announced he would not be on the ballot. Mike Campbell, the late Gov. Carroll Campbell’s youngest son, filed for his second run at the office on Wednesday, and another also-ran, former attorney general Henry McMaster, is hinting at a run too, according to The State. Democratic Rep. Bakari Sellers of Bamberg and Charleston businessman Pat McKinney, who has pitched himself as Gov. Nikki Haley’s pick, are also on the ballot.

A bill that would ban abortions in South Carolina after 20 weeks of gestation easily cleared the House of Representatives on Wednesday, 84 to 29. Supporters of the bill argue it’s necessary because a fetus can feel pain after 20 weeks, a claim hotly disputed by a majority of doctors and scientists. This Washington Post blog has more.

South Carolina’s utilities appear ready to loosen the cap on solar energy use for businesses and other non-residential establishments after extensive negotiations with solar energy proponents. There is also a tentative deal to allow homeowners and businesses more access to the use of solar panels and the subsequent energy savings they provide, The State reports.

Alabama’s paper of record has a big article on how South Carolina is whipping up on the Yellowhammer State in terms of job growth.

The world of hip hop has noticed these South Carolina inmates going ham in the cell, somehow shooting this guerrilla video under the COs’ noses. How long have humans in captivity coped through song?

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