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Blue-Collar Skillz, No Bobby Harrell Dealz

Check out this rap video from some Upstate conservatives.
By Porter Barron Jr.
Wednesday, February 19, 2014 |

Republicans and hip-hop go together like Jim Crow and Malcolm X, but props anyway to the Republican Liberty Caucus of Greenville, a Tea Party-affiliated group, for giving no f#!ks and posting “SC Politics Resistance Rap/Hip Hop” to its site.

Possibly drawing on the impressionistic flow of Wu-Tang’s Ghostface and the anti-government paranoia of Immortal Technique, the RLC’s nameless MC goes in over boilerplate boom bap with straight lyrical spit. This is message music, y’all, and the RLC left the soft-ass hooks at the club for Miley and Drake.

To add to your listening pleasure, I’ve transcribed the lyrics to the best of my ability:

SC Politics Resistance Rap/Hip Hop

SC politics is an illusion with government intrusion;

No choice, no vision, just elite control in a globalist mission;

I’m locked in the police state in a spiritual drought;

South Carolina secret society trying to shut me out;

The RLC is the key, there is no doubt;

Graham’s illegal wars and Obama’s drones, wiretaps in Obama’s phones;

Innocents being killed violently;

Tom Davis killed the N.D.A.A., he ain’t going silently;

Federal gangsters and I.R.S. thugs ain’t showing the Resistance and Tea Party no love;

I got blue-collar skills but no Bobby Harrell deals;

South Carolina politics more corrupt than Capitol Hill;

Landess freed my mind from corrupt institutions, the evil solutions;

Join the SC rebellion and Ron Paul revolution.


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