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Some City Council Members Upset Over Police Chief Search

Plus, Aftershocks Felt
By Eva Moore
Monday, February 17, 2014 |
Some Columbia City Council members — and especially Cameron Runyan — are upset with the way City Manager Teresa Wilson has handled the search for a new police chief. Wilson will brief Council on the process so far Tuesday.

An earthquake rattled South Carolina late Friday night. The magnitude 4.1 quake, centered in Edgefield, was felt as far away as Georgia. On Sunday, a 3.2 magnitude aftershock followed, but wasn't felt beyond 30 miles from Edgefield.

In a letter, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott calls for the state Department of Corrections to drop its appeal of a recent court ruling and get to work fixing the way it treats mentally ill inmates.

The two winter storms over the past three weeks mean potholes will soon start popping up around the state.

After stirring up a fuss last week, S.C. Sen. Mike Fair quickly dropped his opposition to teaching students about natural selection and evolution. The Charleston City Paper takes an in-depth look at the whole mess.

Parking garages, amirite? The State tells people there's going to be a lot more garage parking required as the city grows and densifies. People don't like it.

It's Presidents' Day. Lots of things are closed.

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