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Toal Wins Legislative Vote to Continue as Chief Justice

Plus, Blue-Mugged Domestic Terrorist on Trial
By Porter Barron Jr.
Thursday, February 6, 2014 |
Jean Toal will continue as chief justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court following a narrow vote in the General Assembly yesterday, The Greenville News reports.

State Inspector General Patrick Maley is launching an investigation into S.C. State University’s messy finances, WIS reports. Maley hasn’t said what it is he’s looking for but his office typically investigates cases of suspected malfeasance.

Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott, South Carolina’s two Republican senators, are coming out hard against Common Core, introducing a resolution denouncing the K-12 education standards that they claim states were coerced into adopting, The State reports. At least seven other GOP senators have signed onto the measure.

Some anti-government extremists, so-called “sovereign citizens,” are being tried in federal court in Columbia this week for bilking their fellow ideologues through mail fraud, The State reports. One of the accused has turned his skin permanently blue by drinking chemicals. It’s a hoot.

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