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City Council to Take Up Baseball Issue Again

Plus, Occupy V. Haley Costs Unknown
By Eva Moore
Monday, February 3, 2014 |
Columbia City Council members will take up the baseball stadium issue at a meeting Tuesday, though it's unclear whether they'll vote on anything. Mayor Steve Benjamin has been making his final case for the city putting money toward a $42 million multi-use stadium at Bull Street. Councilwoman Leona Plaugh, meanwhile, weighed in against baseball, saying the deal is no good.

Nobody knows how much South Carolina has spent defending itself against a lawsuit brought by Occupy Columbia after the governor ousted its members from the State House grounds in 2011. According to the Charleston City Paper, "Haley's attorney, Kevin Hall of Columbia, declined to to say how much public money has been used to pay for the defense, and a state agency that covers the legal fees of public officials — the S.C. Insurance Reserve Fund — won't release financial documents related to the case."

Some South Carolina Democrats want to raise the minimum wage.

U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn asked his grandson to quit playing football because of the danger of traumatic brain injuries, The Hill reports.

South Carolina State University debuted a slick new $24.5 million science and math complex. Meanwhile, the school has just told the state it is more than $4.4 million in debt and "needs $13 million to pay bills and loans," according to the Associated Press. State Sen. Shane Massey, (R-Edgefield) is calling for an investigation into the university's finances.

More than two dozen people have applied to head up the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce. The post was left vacant when Ike McLeese stepped down last fall; he died shortly thereafter.

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