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Richland County Deputy Tases Handcuffed Suspect

By Chris Trainor | Tuesday, September 16, 9:48 am
Plus, Ervin Makes Big Ad Buy in Gubernatorial Race
A look at things going on around the Palmetto State.
The Side Line

Attitude Swing Leads Gamecocks to Victory Over Bulldogs

By James Harley | Monday, September 15, 12:17 pm
While exposing the Georgia Bulldogs as the overrated fraud that they are generally are these days (after all, who doesn’t beat Clemson?), we learned a lot about this season’s USC football team this weekend.
Nibbles and Sips

Greek Festival Races Back to Columbia

By Xavier Edwards | Monday, September 15, 12:07 pm
What better way to enjoy cool, fall weather than with one of Columbia’s most popular events — its annual Greek Festival?
Tales from the Script

Elba Schools Henson in the Meaning of Old Adage “No Good Deed”...

By James Scott | Monday, September 15, 10:02 am
Subtle thrillers that take more than half the film to build suspense are fairly rare these days.
Arts Beat

New Public Art to be Unveiled Sept. 17 on Main Street

Also: Unearth Cancelled at Saluda Shoals, Lecture at 701 CCA
By Amanda Ladymon | Monday, September 15, 9:19 am
Downtown Columbia is presenting its newest piece of permanent public art in front of Drip Coffee this week. Saluda Shoals announces no “Unearth” Celebration of Art this Fall. Garry Gaither to give an artist lecture at 701 CCA.
FT Roundup

Mark Sanford Retakes the Spotlight

Plus, SCGOP Chair Loves Uber
By Eva Moore | Monday, September 15, 7:59 am
The day's news from Columbia, S.C.
FT Happenings

SC Pride; Fall Festival and Pickin’ Party; Rosewood Arts Festival

What's happening in Columbia SC? A lot, and FT Happenings helps you sort it out.
By Free Times | Sunday, September 14, 6:15 pm
What's happening in Columbia SC? A lot, and FT Happenings helps you sort it out.
Tales from the Script

Too Many Zombies, Not Enough Time in “Z Nation”

By James Scott | Sunday, September 14, 3:08 pm
Once upon a time, the entire notion of the living dead was too threatening in its social implications to ever be considered mainstream. Now it's on TV every week.
Tales from the Script

Hardy gets a Puppy, Bids Farewell to Gandolfini in “The Drop”

By James Scott | Saturday, September 13, 6:52 pm
I didn't even know there WAS a Chechen Mafia.
FT Roundup

Debate Rages Over Who Has Authority to Suspend Indicted House Speaker

Plus, Lexington County Children Were Allegedly Killed at Their Home Before Alabama Dumping
By Eva Moore | Friday, September 12, 9:29 am
The day's news from Columbia, S.C.
The Playlist

Interview: OXYxMORON

Sept. 12 at Bluetile Skate Shop
By Eric Tullis | Friday, September 12, 9:16 am
None of the three members of South Carolina rap trio OXYxMORON live in the same town, so when it was time to chat with them about their upcoming album, Souf Cak, Free Times had to conduct separate phone interviews.
Nibbles and Sips

California Dreaming Celebrates 30 Years

By Xavier Edwards | Thursday, September 11, 7:36 pm
California Dreaming has been around a while — 30 years, in fact.
The Playlist

After Delays, Columbia’s New Music Farm Will Open on Tuesday

First Show Will Feature Washed Out and Benefit Ailing Local Musician Aaron Graves
By Jordan Lawrence | Thursday, September 11, 2:40 pm
The city's new Music Farm, soon to become its first 1,000-cap rock club in five years, is officially set to open on Tuesday — just in time for a benefit for ailing local musician Aaron Graves led by popular indie pop band Washed Out.
This Just In

House Speaker Bobby Harrell Suspended After Indictment (Updated)

Harrell Allegedly Misspent Campaign Funds; Maintains Innocence
By Eva Moore | Thursday, September 11, 11:57 am
One day after a Richland County grand jury indicted him on charges of misconduct in office, S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell says he's suspended himself from office.
Arts Beat

Ryan Gosling in Town? No, That Was Joey Thompson

Local Creator of "How to Dress Like Ryan Gosling" Video Headed to L.A.
By David Travis Bland | Thursday, September 11, 10:00 am
Joey Thompson performs Sept. 12 at Red Door Tavern in West Columbia.
FT Roundup

Accused Child Killer Jones in Custody of Lexington Authorities

Plus, Ervin Calls for DSS to be Placed Under Authority of Independent Administrator
By Chris Trainor | Thursday, September 11, 9:49 am
A look at things going on in South Carolina and the world.
The Playlist

Live Review: Hopscotch Music Festival (Raleigh, North Carolina)

In Its Fifth Year, Hopscotch Remained Rewarding — to Some People More Than Others
By Jordan Lawrence | Wednesday, September 10, 3:44 pm
139 bands played official festival sets, strewn across 11 clubs and one large-scale outdoor stage setup in City Plaza. Hundreds more acts took to day parties all over downtown and beyond. The variety — much like the tremendous daytime heat — was overwhelming.
This Just In

House Speaker Bobby Harrell Indicted

Nine-Count Indictment Handed Down by Richland County Grand Jury
By Eva Moore | Wednesday, September 10, 1:11 pm
South Carolina House Speaker Bobby Harrell has been indicted by a Richland County grand jury on nine counts related to campaign spending.
FT Roundup

SC Fourth-Worst State to Have a Baby, Study Says

Also: Five Lexington Children Found Dead in Alabama
By Dan Cook | Wednesday, September 10, 9:05 am
The average cost of a conventional delivery nationwide is $9,775.
The Playlist

Interview: The Everymen

Sept. 9 at New Brookland Tavern
By Corbie Hill | Tuesday, September 9, 4:23 pm
The band’s latest LP is populated by well-crafted, hook-heavy rock. But The Everymen don't want audiences to think too hard about it. Rather, this stuff is meant to be easy and fun to listen to.
This Just In

City to Explore Development of “Air Rights” Over Downtown Garages

Request for Expression of Interest Seeks Ideas on Possible Private Commercial/Residential Projects
By Chris Trainor | Tuesday, September 9, 4:08 pm
City of Columbia looks to make use of "air rights" above parking garages.

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