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Interview: Grüzer

By Kyle Petersen | Thursday, July 31, 10:02 pm
Jason Brown, One of the New Local Heavy's Three Guitarists, Dishes on Its Formation and Sound
The wily metal sextet that gathers members from familiar local acts like Death Valley Driver, DIAVOLO, Carolyn, SHAOKAHN and Mean Weiner.
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Sheheen Wants “Pause in the Legal Battles” Until Supreme Court Rules on Same-Sex Marriage

By Eva Moore | Thursday, July 31, 5:06 pm
State Sen. Vincent Sheheen, who is running for governor, finally released a statement this afternoon regarding Monday's 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on same-sex marriage.
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Under the Radar: Cryptodira, Trees on Mars, Johnny Booth

Tonight at New Brookland Tavern
By Michael Spawn | Thursday, July 31, 3:39 pm
While Cryptodira’s hefty riffs writhe with abandon, Johnny Booth’s melodic complexities merely add a subtle undercurrent to the group’s otherwise savage pummeling.
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New Caribbean Restaurant to Open in Cayce

By April Blake | Thursday, July 31, 3:08 pm
The Caribbean flavor seems to be exploding all over Columbia.
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Get on Up; Draughty Friday; Donen Retropspective

What's happening in Columbia SC? A lot, and FT Happenings helps you sort it out.
By Free Times | Thursday, July 31, 12:38 pm
What's happening in Columbia SC? A lot, and FT Happenings helps you sort it out.
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Chris Christie Headed to South Carolina

Plus, Boeing to Build Next Airplane Exclusively in S.C.
By Chris Trainor | Thursday, July 31, 9:51 am
The day's news from Columbia, S.C.
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Big “Win” for Monster Burger

By Xavier Edwards | Wednesday, July 30, 11:09 pm
We like big things in America
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Providence Cooks! Mediterranean Meals

By Xavier Edwards | Wednesday, July 30, 10:58 pm
In February, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health released a study that connected a Mediterranean-style diet with lower risk factors for cardiovascular disease.
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Live Review: Steely Dan

Far-Flung Rock Band Sticks to Its Essential Strengths for Columbia Appearance
By Jordan Lawrence | Wednesday, July 30, 1:00 pm
The band hinted at the jazz-y and psychedelic detours that have earned it a divisive reputation among classic rock fans, but these extraneous impulses served mainly as garnishes for what was otherwise an engaging set of fairly straightforward rock ‘n’ roll.
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Civil Rights Groups Call on Attorney General to Drop Defense of S.C.’s Marriage Law

Governor’s Opponents at Odds Over State’s Next Steps
By Eva Moore | Wednesday, July 30, 12:47 pm
Two civil rights organizations are calling on South Carolina’s attorney general to drop his defense of the state’s amendment banning same-sex marriage.
FT Roundup

Vista Getting New Boutique Hotel

Also: SC Ranks Near Bottom in Education Report; Supporters Launch Fort Jackson Letter-Writing Campaign
By Dan Cook | Wednesday, July 30, 10:18 am
The Vista is getting a new hotel
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Dog Treat Food Truck Rolls Over to Upstate Park

A treat for you and your little dog, too
By April Blake | Tuesday, July 29, 4:24 pm
Don’t act like you’ve been at a food truck before without wishing your dog was with you to share the experience. Right? The people and dogs at Milo’s Kitchen agree, so to bring the experience to more creatures, they’re rolling a specially-made dog treat truck to dog parks around the country, including some semi-nearby stops.
This Just In

4th Circuit Says Virginia’s Gay Marriage Ban Is Unconstitutional

Plus, Blowfish Headed West of the River
By Eva Moore | Tuesday, July 29, 9:10 am
The day's news from Columbia, S.C.
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