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What’s Cooking at Dry Branch Ranch

Plus: Finding Beth; The Fairy Clan of Phenloris; The Other Mother

By Free Times
Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What’s Cooking at Dry Branch Ranch
Author: Brenda Konitzer
Publisher: CreateSpace
If you go to the Camden Farmer’s Market, you can find annual and perennial herbs, heirloom tomatoes and a variety of peppers from Dry Branch Ranch. The author and her mother grow those plants at the ranch, and in this cookbook she offers many recipes using what she grows. The recipes, illustrated by color photographs, are both for everyday use and for special occasions, but the book is also a memoir of sorts, telling stories of Konitzer’s life triggered by smells and tastes. Konitzer, who lives at the ranch in Lugoff, is also a steampunk artist (illustrations with a mix of fantasy, science fiction and history), nature photographer and writer.

Finding Beth
Author: Linnette R. Mullin
Publisher: CrossRiver Media
This is the Lexington author’s debut novel, a faith-based romance. Discovering her fiancé’s dark side, Beth flees to the Smoky Mountains, looking to God for answers about her impending marriage. Just when she gets things under control — with the help of someone she meets — a tragedy strikes that endangers her future. Mullin is the founder and coordinator of the Palmetto Christian Writer’s Network.

The Fairy Clan of Phenloris: An Adventure in a Magical Land
Author: Therese L. Grant
Publisher: Brighton Publishing
The Columbia author takes young readers on a trip through a land of knights, fairies, kings, queens and witches. Kim, a fairy princess, comes to the aid of a wounded knight — an act of compassion, but also a violation of the law that forbids fairies from coming into contact with humans. The story is currently available as an e-book, and a print edition is scheduled for mid-2014.

The Other Mother: A Rememoir
Author: Teresa Bruce
Publisher: Joggling Board Press
This book is a partly the story of the late dancer Byrne Miller of Beaufort and partly the story of the author, who was a young television reporter when she met Miller more than 20 years ago. A blurb on the dust jacket from best-selling writer Pat Conroy predicts: “Teresa Bruce will be one of the next great American authors.”

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