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The Scandalous Lives of Carolina Belles; Going Full Circle; Down. Set. Fight!

By Free Times
Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Scandalous Lives of Carolina Belles
Marie Boozer and Amelia Feaster
Author: Tom Elmore
Publisher: The History Press
The mother and teenage daughter of the title were notorious in Civil War Columbia — the “tabloid queens” of their day, if there had been tabloids then. Feaster, a Philadelphia-born widow, aided the Union war effort, while her daughter Marie was mostly just infamous for her involvement in various scandals. Elmore, who has written two previous nonfiction books related to the war and Columbia, tracks down the facts after sorting through myths and legends that have been published over the years about the two women and their links to rich and powerful men at home and abroad.

Going Full Circle: Worship That Moves Us to Discipleship and Missions
Author: Mark C. Powers
Publisher: Resource Publications
The author is the worship and music director of the South Carolina Baptist Convention. In this book, he uses everyday language to examine worship, discipleship and missions and to provoke thought among worshipers and worship leaders. Powers served for 28 years as a full-time worship pastor in Baptist churches in Florence, Chester, Aiken and North Augusta before returning to Columbia six years ago.

Down. Set. Fight!
Authors: Chad Bowers, Chris Sims and Scott Kowalchuk
Publisher: Oni Press
In this just-published comic graphic novel, much of the action takes place in Columbia at the fictional Darius Rucker High School. The hero is Fearless Chuck Fairlane, a brawling former football star, now a coach, who finds himself slugging it out — literally — with team mascots.

Winyah Bay
Author: David Maring
Publisher: CreateSpace
This historical novel is set in the coastal area near Georgetown. It goes back to prehistoric times, tracing the migration of Indians, Vikings, Africans, Spanish and British in a region with a mixture of history and romance. Maring is a retired circuit judge who lives near Winyah Bay.

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