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The Iguana’s Eyes; America’s Longest Siege

Plus: Enough Already; Be Prepared for Anything

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Iguana’s Eyes
Author: Sean Foley
Publisher: Columbia Vista Publishing

This just-released young adult novel has a bit of everything: a 13-year-old heroine dealing with grief, a sudden trip to Jamaica, endangered iguanas, mystery, pirates, perilous adventure, a crafty corporation and a journal holding a secret lost for hundreds of years. The plight of the iguanas came naturally enough for the author. Foley, a Clemson grad, has been a herpetologist (a specialist on reptiles and amphibians) for 22 years at the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. This is his debut novel. He will be signing copies at Barnes and Noble in Forest Acres from 12:30 to 2 p.m. on March 29.

America’s Longest Siege: Charleston, Slavery and the Slow March Toward Civil War
Author: Joseph Kelly
Publisher: Overlook Hardcover

The book title refers to the two-year siege of Charleston by Union forces in the Civil War, but the core of the book goes far earlier than that period, as the subtitle suggests. The author is a professor of literature at the College of Charleston and has also done historical writing for the Journal of Social History. In America’s Longest Siege, released last year, he focuses on the long history of the ideology of Charleston and the entire South toward the institution of slavery, looking at moral and economic issues.

Enough Already
Author: Leland M. Glen
Publisher: CreateSpace

The author of this 2011 polemic, a Lexington businessman, has no shortage of conservative opinions and he proclaims on the book jacket that he considers his label of “politically incorrect” as “a badge of honor.” The chapter headings show where he’s going: “Liberal Media,” “Immigration,” “Health Care” and “Big Government,” to name a few.

Be Prepared for Anything
Author: Charlene R. Cobbs
Publisher: PublishAmerica
When Charmaine Carter’s two friends are shot and a detective digs into the case, both mystery and romance follow. The author of this 2010 romance novel is a program coordinator with the S.C. Department of Social Services in Columbia. She is also the author of Talking from Experience, a book of poetry. 

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