Director’s Efforts — Not the Script — Make Trustus’ Latest Show a Must-See

By James Harley | Thursday, January 29, 3:51 pm
Theater is among the most interesting forms of art largely due to its multidimensional nature, drawing together literature and its inherent ideas, sound (both vocal and manufactured), images and motion, all presented live and thus demanding a high level of perfection.

USC Symphony Honors Local Composer Sidney Palmer

By David Lowry | Monday, January 26, 3:09 pm
This project of the USC Symphony was a significant educational tool for the orchestra in addition to bringing Palmer’s wonderful music to a South Carolina audience.

Allen University Opens Langston Hughes Poetry Center

By Dan Cook | Monday, January 26, 2:26 pm
Allen University is opening a new poetry center named for Langston Hughes, a major figure of the Harlem Renaissance.
8 Days a Week

8 Days: City Ballet’s “Off the Wall”; Nickelodeon’s Burn to Shine Series; Arlo Guthrie

Also: Allen University Celebrates New Poetry Center
By Free Times | Wednesday, January 28, 2015
If you haven’t seen the City Ballet's Off the Wall before — and even if you have — it’s worth it to witness the creative intersection of dance and the visual arts in this production.
Arts Feature

Collection and Work By Late Columbia Art Patron For Sale at Gallery 80808

By Shani Gilchrist | Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Ethel Brody was an unassuming woman who changed Columbia’s art scene forever.
Cultural Season

Cultural Season 2014-15

Comprehensive Calendar of the Arts in Columbia
Columbia has long been home to a vibrant local arts community, and it’s only getting more active.

Tales From the Script

“Foxcatcher” Summons Dark Side for Carrell and Tatum

By James Scott | Sunday, January 25, 2:25 pm
I'll never underestimate Channing Tatum again.

Eastwood Sends Cooper to War in “American Sniper”

By James Scott | Friday, January 16, 11:08 pm
Can you ever really come home from combat?
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