Classical Review: Chamber Music on Main

By David Lowry | Thursday, May 5, 2:52 pm
Last week, Edward Arron brought to the Columbia Museum of Art three friends, filling the requirements for what makes an extraordinary string quartet.

Two Locals Discuss the Cult-Classic David Lynch Film Blue Velvet, Which Turns 30 This Year

By David Travis Bland | Wednesday, May 4, 1:31 pm
Blue Velvet tells the story of a young man, played by Kyle MacLachlan, and his descent into the seedy underbelly of his picturesque hometown as he unravels the violent mystery of a severed ear he discovered in a field.
8 Days a Week

8 Days - Square Piano Unveiling; First Thursday; Rosewood Crawfish Festival

By Free Times | Wednesday, May 4, 2016
If you didn’t know — and 8 Days doesn’t blame you if you didn’t — a square piano is a piano that has horizontal strings placed diagonally across the rectangular case resting above the hammers...
Arts Feature

Shannon Willis Scruggs Follows in Her Mother’s Footsteps

Meant to Be
By August Krickel | Wednesday, May 4, 2016
At 8, Shannon Willis Scruggs tried out for Annie at Town Theatre. Her previous audition had not gone well — she had refused to sing.
Arts Feature

Non-Traditional Venues Have Become a Driving Force in the Local Performance Scene

Space It Out
By Jordan Lawrence | Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Last Thursday, the great British rocker Wreckless Eric delivered solo renditions of songs new and old, filling the tiny room with distortion and verve.
Art Review

The State Museum’s Collection of Collections Presents Its Pieces in Illuminating Groupings

Through Lines
By Tom Mack | Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Every large collection, whether it be art or books or baseball cards, can be said to contain many smaller collections.


Movie Times

Movie Theaters and Showtimes in Columbia, SC

Plus: Tickets from Fandango
Extra Butter

Ep. 25 - Dawn of Justice

Extra Butter

Ep. 24 - Dirty Butter

Key & Peele’s Rapport and Surprise Guest Star Rescue Keanu

By James Scott | Wednesday, May 4, 4:40 pm
It's not easy to parody a movie which was already itself a parody.

The Jungle Book Remake Wants to Be a Man-Cub, Too

By James Scott | Wednesday, April 27, 5:31 pm
Director Jon Favreau skillfully treads the delicate line between beloved musical cartoon of yore and modern action blockbuster.
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