Interview: Joey Thompson

By David Travis Bland | Wednesday, May 25, 5:42 pm
Thompson, a Columbia-expat comedian now roaming Los Angeles’ streets, first took his uncanny resemblance to The Notebook hunk to YouTube back in 2012 with the appropriately titled How to Look Like Ryan Gosling.

Harbison Theatre Has Announced its 2016-17 Season

By Kyle Petersen | Thursday, May 19, 3:56 pm
Since its first season in 2012, the Harbison Theatre at Midlands Technical College has always rolled out eclectic programming aimed to impress.
8 Days a Week

8 Days - Synchronous Fireflies; Daufuskie Memories; Vietnam Memorial

By Free Times | Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Not entirely clear why the Columbia Fireflies baseball team went with that name and the glow-tastic logo?
Arts Feature

Bugsy Calhoun’s Passion for Spoken Word Poetry Helps Spark an Entire Scene

Man of His Word
By David Travis Bland | Wednesday, May 25, 2016
“You know what that is, right?” he asks, “a latch-key kid?”
Arts Feature

New Exhibition at Columbia Museum of Art Captures Gullah Life on South Carolina’s Sea Islands

May 27–Aug. 7 at the Columbia Museum of ARt
By Christina Goodman | Wednesday, May 25, 2016
In 1974, photographer Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe traveled to West Africa for an independent study during her junior year of college.
Art Review

701 CCA’s Dadadesque Celebrates the Long Legacy of Its Titular Movement

Through June 5 at the 701 Center for Contemporary Art
By Christina Goodman | Wednesday, May 25, 2016
One hundred years ago, a group of artists in Zurich, Switzerland, created a movement called Dada.
Extra Butter

Ep. 25 - Dawn of Justice

Extra Butter

Ep. 24 - Dirty Butter

The Nice Guys Offers Pastiche of Buddy Cop, Film Noir, 1970s Nostalgia and Looney Tunes

By James Scott | Saturday, May 28, 2:29 pm
Audiences love mayhem.

Too Many Superheroes Clutter Captain America: Civil War, But Who Cares?

By James Scott | Friday, May 20, 2:26 pm
The film doesn't suffer from a lack of interesting characters. It suffers from an overload of them.
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