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The Playlist: Live Review: Jack White

FT Roundup: Everyone Talking about Video of S.C. Trooper Shooting Unarmed Man

Nibbles and Sips: Columbia Resident Vying for Big Dough in Sandwich Contest

The Side Line: Positive Takeaways From the Missouri Loss

Arts Beat: Brooklyn Rider Tears It Up at USC School of Music

Special Sections

Bites & Sights Columbia SC Visitors Guide Fall 2014


Drink of the Week: Blanche de Bruxelles

On Tap: In This Corner: South Carolina Beers!

Bite of the Week: Try Some Liver Nips

Bite of the Week: Doro Wot at Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant

Beer: It’s Pumpkin Beer Season

City Watch: Sanfords Should Go Ahead and Join Cast of Southern Charm

State House Report: Gutted Highway Patrol Among Consequences of Narrow Tax Base

Growth & Development: Lower Richland Sewer Line Talks Still Tense

Local and State News: 82 Percent of Local Food Bank Users Are Employed, Study Says

News. Brief.: Name Columbia’s Future Baseball Team

From The Editor: DSS Clarification: Basic Facts Remain

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Growth & Development: As COMET Bus System Expands, Some Longtime Riders Are Vexed

Local and State News: USC Wins Bid for 300 Acres Off Bluff Road

This Just In: A Recall Initiative for South Carolina?

Local and State News: Rock On: City Could Place Rocking Chairs on Main Street

News + Opinion

West Columbia to Vote on Strong Mayor Tuesday

West Columbia voters go to the polls Sept. 30 for an unusual special election that would change the form of government from “council” to “mayor-council,” also known as “strong mayor.”

Music + Nightlife

David Stringer at Music Farm

I’ve been running SceneSC for over six years and playing in bands in Columbia for about 12, so I’ve seen the music scene ebb and flow firsthand.

Food + Dining

Pad Prik with Pork at Basil

Let’s say it’s a Sunday or Monday, and you’re craving Thai food.
Drink of the Week: Blanche de Bruxelles
Bite of the Week: Try Some Liver Nips

Arts + Lifestyle

Ajax in Iraq Explores Consequences of War

Mankind has waged war since the dawn of time, and the collateral damage on warriors and their loved ones after the battle is done has been profound.

On The Cover

Driving the Debate?

What Outsider Candidates Mean for the S.C. Governor’s Race
Tom Ervin is at the Irmo Lizard’s Thicket to talk to about 40 voters who showed up for his “town hall” campaign event, lured there by the promise of a free meal or a fresh message.


Openings in Columbia SC: Annabelle, Gone Girl, Left Behind

Quasi-prequel to last year’s terrifying The Conjuring concerns a doll that is possessed by a malevolent force.
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