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Free Times Family Fall 2014


FT Roundup: Unemployment Rate Up Statewide, Down Locally

Where It's At: Columbia SC Club Calendar: Oct 22-29

Club Life: Mike “Moose” Martin at Latitude 22

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Cover Story: South Carolina’s Countdown to Same-Sex Marriage

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Legends of Hip Hop Tour Brings Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane

EPMD, whose early songs “rarely varied from two themes: dissing sucker MCs and recounting sexual exploits,” according to, comes to Columbia as part of the Legends of Hip Hop tour.

Music + Nightlife

In An EDM World, We Could Do Worse Than Skrillex

We music critics aren’t a social bunch. It’s a life of staring at screens, listening intently through headphones and, occasionally, heading out to clubs and concert halls to, once again, listen intently.

Food + Dining

Home Canning, Pickling and Freezing Once Again Popular

The last tomatoes are about to come off of the vines, and the temperature is starting to remind us that winter is coming whether we like it or not.
Drink of the Week: Valar Morghulis
Chew on This!: Feast on Korean Food

Arts + Lifestyle

Kathy Griffin Headlines SC Pride Event

When Kathy Griffin met Prince Charles at the invitation of her late friend Joan Rivers, he asked her, “Without comedians and newspapers, who would keep us honest?”

On The Cover

The Kid with the Camera Eye

Unusual Exhibition Traces Norman Rockwell’s Works from Camera to Canvas
Will South steps through the glass doors of the Columbia Museum of Art’s downstairs gallery and stops in front of the monolithic wall that announces entrance into its newest exhibition, dedicated to the artist Norman Rockwell.
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