Best of Columbia: Outbreak - VIDEO

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This Just In: USC’s President Gets Pay Raise, New Bonuses

Steamed Bun at Cola’s Bun

Another Analyst Says S.C. May Not Be Deep Red This November

Benjamin Shores: Mayor Wants to Put a Beach in Finlay Park

On The Cover

Living Their Truth

Can a New Musical Gathering Help Columbia Embrace Sexual Expression?
Close your eyes and conjure up a rock club. Think about the bands on stage, the audience and the bartenders.

Events in Columbia

8 Days - Pack the Park; Long’s Barstool Classic; Main Street Latin Festival

Columbia Fireflies’ inaugural season is coming to a close and they are celebrating with a game night that benefits local nonprofits.
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6 Geek-Tastic Reasons You Can’t Miss Soda City Comic Con

Comic Con isn’t just for cosplay lovers and comic book enthusiasts – its fun for anyone who loves pop culture, whether it’s Mickey Mouse or the Walking Dead.

Music + Nightlife

Charleston-Rooted Songwriter Steven Fiore Explores Bi-Coastal Influences as Young Mister

Steven Fiore has been a Charleston presence for quite some time — even if he isn’t there now.
Sound Bites: Concerts in Columbia: Aug. 25-31
Music Reviews: Josh White’s Josh at Midnight
Music Reviews: Discomfort’s Embrace Death

Food + Dining

In Search of the Midlands’ Best Gas Station Foods

Tossing the 4,000th piece of fried chicken I tried this week into the gas station trash bin, I slumped back into my car seat and wondered what was the point of this weeklong venture across the Midlands.
Drink of the Week: Crystal Pepsi
On Tap: Golf Your Way Through Five Points
Bite of the Week: Charred Okra at Za’s

News + Opinion

Neighbors Accuse SCE&G of ‘Butchering’ Trees

One of the hallmarks of Columbia’s leafy Hollywood-Rose Hill neighborhood is the canopy created by the area’s soaring trees.
City Watch: It’s Two Decades Too Late, But Good for DHEC
Growth & Development: Main Street Gets 10,000 New Lights in Trees
Local and State News: S.C.’s Voter ID Law Confusing, Hard to Assess, Critics Say
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