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Local and State News: Main Street Gets New Identity

Rain Out: How the October Flood Changed Columbia

Robert Richmond Kicks Off as USC Theater Chair, Directing Two Ambitious Productions

After the Flood: Columbia Adds Emergency Management Boss

On The Cover

Rain Out: How the October Flood Changed Columbia

The flood last October woke up Columbia.

Events in Columbia

8 Days - Mike Judge’s Idiocracy; Great American Whiskey Fair; Young Frankenstein

Who’da thunk it 10 years ago that the future according to Mike Judge’s Idiocracy would actually feel kind of relevant and serious?

Music + Nightlife

Columbia’s Invoking the Abstract and Sein zum Tode Exist on Metal’s Wild Frontier

Invoking the Abstract gives no quarter on Aural Kaleidoscopes, the Columbia band’s new prog-metal slab.
Where It's At: Columbia SC Club Calendar: Sept. 28 - Oct. 5
Music Reviews: St. Jupiter’s Oblivion
Sound Bites: Concerts in Columbia: Sept. 29 - Oct. 5

Food + Dining

Spotted Salamander Expands with Dinner Service, Second Chef

Spotted Salamander Café and Catering took a big step this past week, adding former Rosso Trattoria executive chef Travis Rayle to the team and introducing full dinner service to the cafe.
Drink of the Week: New York Sour
On Tap: Whiskey Fair Features Over 500 Whiskeys
Chew on This!: Barbecue Legend Dies


Will We Remember the Movie, or Just the Oil Spill?

Some sage words from the great Roger Ebert: “The twin towers were digitally erased from many films then in production,” he recounted on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.
Tales from the Script: Hero or Traitor, Snowden Still an Enigma to Oliver Stone
Tales from the Script: Denzel Washington Leads The Magnificent Seven In Rough, Rousing Remake
Movie Times: Movie Theaters and Showtimes in Columbia, SC
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